Pinterest Perfection


Pinterest Perfection book focuses on Pinterest as a social networking site that allows users to create virtual multimedia pin boards that they can share with other users. If you find a video that is appealing or an image that has captured your interest and you think that it is also relevant to your contacts’ interests, then posting it on Pinterest is a great way for you to instantly share these images and videos with them.

The great thing about Pinterest Perfection is that it talks about how you could categorize the kinds of pin boards that you create based on your interests. You can also make use of its “Bookmarklet” application which allows you to directly pin an image or video that you find on the internet and it will be exported to your Pinterest pin board.

Although Pinterest was initially used for personal purposes, it has been found to be an efficient way to attract potential customers and may even help increase the Google ranking of a business. Thus, if you have a home business website and you want to gain more followings, Pinterest is definitely one of the creative ways that you can drive more people and generate traffic to your business site.